genrev(1) generate a RADIANCE description of surface of revolution


genrev mat name 'z(t)' 'r(t)' nseg [ -e expr ][ -f file ][ -s ]


Genrev produces a RADIANCE scene description of a surface of revolution. The object will be composed of nseg cones, cups, cylinders, tubes or rings following the parametric curve defined by z(t) (height) and r(t) (radius). When z is increasing with t, the surface normal points outward. When z is decreasing, the normal points inward. The variable t used in the function expressions varies from 0 to 1 in even steps of 1/nseg. The expressions are of the same type used in RADIANCE function files. Auxiliary expressions and/or files may be specified in any number of -e and -f options. The -s option smooths the surfaces using Phong normal interpolation.


To generate a torus with an inner radius of 1 and an outer radius of 3:
genrev steel torus 'sin(2*PI*t)' '2+cos(2*PI*t)' 32


Greg Ward


The -s option doesn't modify the surface normal correctly for the opposite side.