gentcos(1) TCOS image boot generator


gentcos [options]


This manpage show options for gentcos boot image generator. See gentcos -h to better descriptions.

You must exec this app as root user.

gentcos is a shell script that create a TCOS initramfs and optionally a iso image to boot from it.


Show extended usage about gentcos

Suffix used to filenames (default empy)

Kernel version used to create initramfs

Print size of uncompressed initramfs ram disk

Generate allmodules.squashfs and copy to /var/lib/tcos/tftp

Then thin client must start with allmodules cmdline to download it


PXE like method

Create initramfs-x.x.x (and usr-x.x.x.squashfs) and copy to /var/lib/tcos/tftp

-o=initramfs-pc1 output filename (in /var/lib/tcos/tftp)

NFS (LTSP like) method

Create initramfs-x.x.x-nfs and copy to /var/lib/tcos/tftp
Creates an complete TCOS and uncompress in /var/lib/tcos/fs-x.x.x

NOTE: Need a NFS server (apt-get install nfs-kernel-server) and this line in /etc/exports:

/var/lib/tcos (ro,no_root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)
     (change network data with yours)

Floppy boot method

Create initramfs (and usr.squashfs) an join with kernel in a nbi file then copy to /var/lib/tcos/tftp

output filename (in /var/lib/tcos/tftp)

CDROM method

Create initramfs and create a bootable iso based on isolunux Iso image is saved in /var/lib/tcos/isos/


PXE like boot (>=64 MB)
     # gentcos -tftp -suffix=-pc1

NFS (LTSP like) boot (28-64 MB)
     # gentcos -nfs -rootfs

CDROM boot
     # gentcos -cdrom

Floppy boot
     # gentcos -nbi -extra-append="vga=791 uselocal"

Package cache

Sometimes TCOS need some software that conflicts with installed packages. To solve this, gentcos can download and extract package files in /var/cache/tcos/packages/pkg_name to copy files to initramfs.

Howto install a cached package

-instpkg foo
Exec apt-get install --print-uris -y -f foo
 get the package URI and uncompress it
 into /var/cache/tcos/packages/foo

Remove one or more packages

-rmpkg foo
Remove foo package.

List installed packages

Show all packages installed.


Contact Mario Izquierdo <[email protected]>

Info about TCOS project:


Mario Izquierdo (mariodebian) <[email protected]>