geo-code(1) Convert a street address into geo coordinates



geo-code [options] address citystate_or_zip [country]
Convert (geocode) a street address into a latitude/longitude.
geo-code [options] tele-phone-number
Convert (geocode) a phone number into a latitude/longitude.
In either case, the output can be formatted to any of the output file types that gpsbabel supports, or directly imported into the GpsDrive MySQL waypoint database.


-o format
Output format, -o? for possibilities [gpsdrive] plus "gpsdrive.sql" for direct insertion into MySQL DB plus "latlon" for just Lat<tab>Long. plus "map" to display a map.
-n name
The waypoint name, e.g. Bob's House. The default is the street address.
Output shortened names (a gpsbabel option)
-t type
The waypoint type, e.g. house, cache, bar [new]
Quiet. Do not output address confirmation on stderr.
Alias for -o gpsdrive.sql
For SQL, delete existing record only if it matches all fields. Otherwise, delete it if it matches just the name and the type.
-D level
Debug level
Retrieve latest version of this script


us, ca, fr, de, it, es, uk


$ geo-code "123 AnyStreet" 12345
123AnyStreet 42.81020 -73.95070 new
$ geo-code -t house "123 AnyStreet" 12345
123AnyStreet 42.81020 -73.95070 house
$ geo-code -n "Bob's House" -t house "123 AnyStreet" 12345
BobsHouse 42.81020 -73.95070 house
$ geo-code -S -n "Bob" -t house "123 AnyStreet" 12345
[waypoint is added to GpsDrive MySQL database]
$ geo-code 901-555-1212
123AnyStreet 42.81020 -73.95070 new