getinfo(1) get header information from a RADIANCE file


getinfo [ -d ][ file .. ]
getinfo -


Getinfo reads the header of each RADIANCE file and writes it to the standard output. Octree and picture files are in a binary format, which makes it difficult to determine their content. Therefore, a few lines of text are placed at the beginning of each file by the RADIANCE program that creates it. The end of the header information and the start of the data is indicated by an empty line. The -d option can be used to print the dimensions of an octree or picture file instead. For an octree, getinfo -d prints the bounding cube (xmin ymin zmin size). For a picture, getinfo -d prints the y and x resolution (-Y yres +X xres). If no file is given, the standard input is read.

The second form of getinfo with a hyphen simply removes the header and copies the body of the file from the standard input to the standard output.


To print the header information from scene1.oct and scene2.hdr:
getinfo scene1.oct scene2.hdr


Greg Ward