ggiGetc(3) Convenience functions for simplistic keyboard input

Other Alias



#include <ggi/ggi.h>
int ggiGetc(ggi_visual_t vis);
int ggiKbhit(ggi_visual_t vis);


ggiGetc gets a character from the keyboard, and blocks if there is no key immediately available.

ggiKbhit checks if a key has been hit on the keyboard. This does not consume the key. It is used for easy porting of old DOS applications.

Important: Do not poll like this: do while( ! ggiKbhit(vis) ); On a multitasking OS you would be wasting a lot of resources which could be available to other processes. If you want to wait for a key, use the ggiGetc call.


ggiKbhit returns 0 if no key has been received yet, otherwise there is a key to be consumed.

ggiGetc returns a Unicode character in canonical form.

For a more detailed definition of characters, see gii_key_event(3).