gicRecognizerDriverRegister(3) Adjust Recognizers

Other Alias

gicRecognizerDriverUnregister, gicRecognizerDriverLookup


#include <ggi/gic.h>
int gicRecognizerDriverRegister(gic_handle_t hand,
gic_recognizerdriver *driver);
int gicRecognizerDriverUnregister(gic_handle_t hand,
gic_recognizerdriver *driver);
gic_recognizerdriver *gicRecognizerDriverLookup(gic_handle_t hand,
const char *name);


Recognizerdrivers. The work-monkeys. The recognizers given in gicOpen(3) are automatically open. But you might want to adjust that list.

gicRecognizerDriverRegister registers additional recognizers into the gic_handle_t.

gicRecognizerDriverUnregister unregisters the given recognizer from the gic_handle_t.

gicRecognizerDriverLookup searches for the recognizers with the given name.


gicRecognizerDriverRegister and gicRecognizerDriverUnregister return 0 for success, otherwise an gii-error(3) code.

gicRecognizerDriverLookup returns a pointer to the recognizer if found, otherwise NULL.