gifdiff(1) compares GIF images


gifdiff [options] GIF-file-1 GIF-file-2


gifdiff compares two GIF files and determines if they appear identical. Differences that don't affect appearance (like colormap ordering or how much an animation is optimized) are not reported.

gifdiff prints details of any differences it finds. If the GIFs are the same, it prints nothing. It exits with status 0 if there were no differences, 1 if there were some differences, and 2 if there was trouble.


--brief, -q
Report only whether the GIFs differ, not the details of the differences.

--ignore-redundancy, -w
Do not report differences in the numbers of redundant frames (frames which do not change the displayed image).

--ignore-background, -B
Do not report differences in background colors.

Print usage information and exit.

Print the version number and some quickie warranty information and exit.


Please email suggestions, additions, patches and bugs to [email protected].