gifti_test(1) test reading/writing a GIFTI dataset


gifti_test [...]


Show usage help.
Show giftilib history.
Show giftilib version.
-encoding TYPE
Set the data encoding for any output file.
TYPE = ASCII : ASCII encoding
TYPE = BASE64 : base64 binary
TYPE = BASE64GZIP : base64 compressed binary
-gfile OUTPUT
Write out dataset as gifti image.
-infile INPUT
Specify INPUT as the GIFTI dataset to read.
Do not write out data.
Show final gifti image.
-slist LEN s0...
Restrict output to list of length LEN.
-verb VERB
Set verbose level.


1. read in a GIFTI dataset (verbose, show output?)
gifti_test -infile dset.gii
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -verb 3
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -show
2. copy a GIFTI dataset (check differences?)
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -gfile copy.gii
diff dset.gii copy.gii
3. copy a GIFTI data, but write out only 3 surf indices: 0,4,5
gifti_test -infile time_series.gii -gfile ts3.gii -slist 3 0 4 5


Richard Reynolds - SSCC, DIRP, NIMH, National Institutes of Health

This manual page was written by Michael Hanke <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).