giiQueryDeviceInfo(3) Get information about input sources

Other Alias



#include <ggi/gii.h>`
int giiQueryDeviceInfo (gii_input_t inp, uint32_t origin,
gii_cmddata_getdevinfo *info);
int giiQueryDeviceInfoByNumber(gii_input_t inp, uint32_t number,
uint32_t *origin, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo *info);


Though when using GII inputs the exact type of device is fully transparent to the program, information about the device that is actually attached to a given gii input and origin id can be queried, e.g. for configuration interfaces.

For giiQueryDeviceInfo the parameters inp and origin select the input to query. This version is usually used, if you want to identify a device after getting an event from it.

For giiQueryDeviceInfoByNumber the parameters inp and number select the input to query - origin gets set to the origin ID the queried device has. This version is used, when you want to query all known devices.

The queried data is put into info. See gii_cmddata_getdevinfo(3) for the description of the structure.


Returns 0 on success (info is valid, then) or -1 otherwise.