ginq_colr_rep(3) Inquire GKS color representation


ginq_colr_rep (Inquire color representation) - retrieves the color value associated with a color index on a particular workstation.


#include <ncarg/gks.h>

void ginq_colr_rep(Gint ws_id, Gint colr_ind, Ginq_type type, Gint *err_ind, Gcolr_rep *colr_rep);


(Input) - Gives a workstation identifier as was set in a previous call to gopen_ws.
(Input) - A color index.
(Input) - Specifies whether the returned color values are the ones that were specified by a call to gset_colr_rep or whether they are the color values that are actually being used on the specified workstation (frequently a workstation will not be able to represent a requested color value precisely).
Returns the color value set for index colr_ind either by default or by a call to gset_colr_rep.
Returns the color value actually used by the workstation to represent the requested color.
(Output) - If the inquired values cannot be returned correctly, a non-zero error indicator is returned in err_ind, otherwise a zero is returned. Consult "User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics" for a description of the meaning of the error indicators.
(Gfloat, Output) - Returns an intensity value for red in the range 0. to 1. inclusive.
(Gfloat, Output) - Returns an intensity value for green in the range 0. to 1. inclusive.
(Gfloat, Output) - Returns an intensity value for blue in the range 0. to 1. inclusive.


For details on setting and using color indices see the man page for gset_colr_rep.


To use the GKS C-binding routines, load the ncarg_gks and ncarg_c libraries.


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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