git-annex-checkpresentkey(1) check if key is present in remote


git annex checkpresentkey key [remote]


This plumbing-level command verifies if the specified key's content is present in the specified remote.

When no remote is specified, it verifies if the key's content is present somewhere, checking accessible remotes until it finds the content.

Exits 0 if the content is verified present, or 1 if it is verified to not be present. If there is a problem, the special exit code 100 is used, and an error message is output to stderr.


Enables batch mode. In this mode, the key is not specified at the command line, but the remote may still be. Lines containing keys are read from stdin, and a line is output with "1" if the key is verified to be present, and "0" otherwise.


Joey Hess <[email protected]>