git-annex-migrate(1) switch data to different backend


git annex migrate [path ...]


Changes the specified annexed files to use the default key-value backend (or the one specified with --backend). Only files whose content is currently available are migrated.

Note that the content is also still available using the old key after migration. Use git annex unused to find and remove the old key.

Normally, nothing will be done to files already using the new backend. However, if a backend changes the information it uses to construct a key, this can also be used to migrate files to use the new key format.

When you have multiple repositories that each contain a copy of a file, it's best to run migrate in all of them.


Specify the new key-value backend to use for migrated data.
Force migration of keys that are already using the new backend.
file matching options
The git-annex-matching-options(1) can be used to specify files to migrate.


Joey Hess <[email protected]>