git-summary(1) Show repository summary


git-summary [--line] [<commitish>]


Shows a summary of the repository.



Summarize only the range of commits included in the <commitish>.


Summarize with lines other than commits. This actually just results in a call to git-line-summary(1). Any <commitish> is ignored when --line is specified. See git-line-summary(1) for more info.


Outputs a repo summary:
$ git summary
project  : express
repo age : 10 months ago
commits  : 1893
active   : 93 days
files    : 111
authors  :
 1285 visionmedia
  478 Tj Holowaychuk
   48 Aaron Heckmann
   34 csausdev
   26 ciaranj
    6 Guillermo Rauch
    3 Nick Poulden
    2 Brian McKinney
    2 Benny Wong
    1 Justin Lilly
    1 James Herdman
    1 Adam Sanderson
    1 Viktor Kelemen
    1 Gregory Ritter
    1 Greg Ritter
    1 ewoudj
    1 isaacs
    1 Matt Colyer

This command can also take a commitish, and will print a summary for the range of commits included in the commitish:

$ git summary v42..


Written by Tj Holowaychuk <[email protected]>