gitmkdirs(1) Helper programs for gnuit

Other Alias

gitwhich, gitxgrep


gitwhich file ...
gitmkdirs path ...
gitxgrep grepcmd args ...


This manual page documents briefly the gitwhich, gitmkdirs and gitxgrep commands. These commands are internal to gnuit and should generally not be run directly.

gitwhich file ...
gitwitch returns with an exit status of 0 if any of its file arguments exist in the PATH, otherwise it returns 1.
gitmkdirs path ...
Creates the directory path and any required parent directories.
gitxgrep grepcmd args ...
Used as a helper script by gitrgrep(1), gitregrep(1), and gitrfgrep(1). Calls grepcmd, passing args to it.

gitwhich, gitmkdirs and gitxgrep are part of gnuit, the GNU Interactive Tools.


Please send bug reports to:
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Tudor Hulubei <[email protected]>
Andrei Pitis <[email protected]>
Ian Beckwith <[email protected]> (Current maintainer)