gitolite(1) gatekeeper for git repositories


gitolite sub-command [option...]


The following built-in subcommands are available; they should all respond to '-h' if you want further details on each:

    setup                       1st run: initial setup; all runs: hook fixups
    compile                     compile gitolite.conf
    query-rc                    get values of rc variables
    list-groups                 list all group names in conf
    list-users                  list all users/user groups in conf
    list-repos                  list all repos/repo groups in conf
    list-phy-repos              list all repos actually on disk
    list-memberships            list all groups a name is a member of
    list-members                list all members of a group

  - list-users is disk bound and could take a while on sites with 1000s of repos
  - list-memberships does not check if the name is known; unknown names come
    back with 2 answers: the name itself and '@all'

In addition, running 'gitolite help' should give you a list of custom commands available. They may or may not respond to '-h', depending on how they were written.