gitso(1) Gitso is to support others


gitso [ --dev | --listen | --connect host | --list list | --low-colors | --version | --help ]


Gitso is a frontend to reverse VNC connections. It is meant to be a simple two-step process that connects one person to another's screen in the context of giving technical support.


Configures paths for running Gitso in the source tree.
Start Gitso and listen for incoming connections
Starts gitso and automatically connects to host which is an IP or domain name (address of support giver).
Alternative support list, where list is either a URL of a remote file or path to local file.
Use 8bit colors (for slow connections).
The current Gitso version.
Display the help menu.


$HOME/.gitso-hosts /etc/gitso-hosts


gitso --list
Gets the list of technician IP's or DN's from techs.txt
gitso --list,
Adds these three entries to the list of support techs.
gitso --connect
Automatically connects to


Aaron Gerber and Derek Buranen