gitwipe(1) An utility for wiping files


gitwipe file ...


This manual page documents briefly the gitwipe command.

gitwipe is an utility for wiping files. It overwrites the file contents with a random sequence of numbers and then calls `sync'().

Note that gitwipe does not remove the wiped file since (under `Linux' at least) the `sync'() system call might return before actually writing the new file contents to disk. Removing the file might be dangerous because some file systems can detect that the blocks in the removed wiped file are no longer used and never write them back to disk in order to improve performance. It is up to you to remove the file(s) at a later moment.

gitwipe is part of the GNU Interactive Tools.


Please send bug reports to:
[email protected]


Tudor Hulubei <[email protected]>
Andrei Pitis <[email protected]>
Ian Beckwith <[email protected]> (Current maintainer)