gjiten(1) Japanese dictionary for Gnome


gjiten [ option ]


gjiten is a Japanese dictionary for the Gnome Desktop. It also has a kanji dictionary; any combination of stroke number, radicals and search key can be used for kanji lookups. Requires dictionary files in edict format and a working X Input Method (e.g. kinput2) for Japanese input.

This manpage only explains the command line options. You should be able to access the complete documentation from the Help menu.


-c and -v are convenient for fast lookups via keyboard shortcuts.

Same as --kanjidic
Only show the KanjiDic window on startup.
Same as --word-lookup=WORD
Look up WORD on startup.
Same as --kanji-lookup=KANJI
Look up Kanji on startup in KanjiDic.
Same as --clip-kanji
Look up kanji from the clipboard.
Same as --clip-word
Look up word from the clipboard.
Prints the version of gjiten


See the BUGS file for a list of bugs. The TODO file is more likely to contain these. Please contact me if you encounter any bugs.


Botond Botyanszki ([email protected])