glarendx(1) calculate glare index


glarendx -t type [ -h ] [ glarefile ]


Glarendx computes the selected glare index type from the given glarefile produced by findglare(1). Glarendx computes one value for each (indirect illuminance) angle in the input file. If no glarefile is given, glarendx reads from the standard input. The -h option can be used to remove the information header from the output.

Glarendx understands the following arguments for type:

            guth_vcp    Guth Visual Comfort Probability
             cie_cgi    CIE Glare Index (Einhorn)
                 ugr    Unified Glare Rating
              brs_gi    BRS Glare Index
                 dgi    Daylight Glare Index
            guth_dgr    Guth Disability Glare Rating
            vert_dir    Direct Vertical Illuminance
            vert_ill    Total Vertical Illuminance
            vert_ind    Indirect Vertical Illuminance

Alternatively, a symbolic or hard link to the program with any of the above names may be used in place of the type argument.


Greg Ward, Raphael Compagnon


Work on this program was initiated and sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland.