globus-rvf-check(8) Edit a GRAM5 RSL validation file


globus-rvf-check [-h] [-help]
globus-rvf-check [-d] {FILENAME...}


The globus-rvf-check command is a utility which checks the syntax of a RSL validation file, and prints out parse errors when encountered. It can also parse the RVF file contents and then dump file's contents to stdout, after canonicalizing values and quoting. The exit code of globus-rvf-check is 0 if all files specified on the command line exist and have no parse errors.

The full set of command-line options to globus-rvf-check consists of:

-h, -help, --help

Print command-line option summary and exit


Dump the RVF contents to stdout. In the output, Each file which is parsed will be prefixed by an RVF comment which contains the input filename. If not specified, globus-rvf-check just prints a diagnostic message to standard output indicating whether the file could be parsed.