globus_ftp_control(3) GridFTP Control API


GridFTP Constants
GridFTP Server Control
Manage GridFTP Server Control Connections.
GridFTP Control Client
Control Client.
GridFTP Data Connections
Data Connections.

Detailed Description

GridFTP Control API.

The globus_ftp_control library provides low-level services needed to implement FTP client and servers. The API provided is protocol specific. See the GASS Transfer library for a protocol-independent transfer interface.

This data transfer portion of this API provides support for the standard data methods described in the FTP Specification as well as extensions for parallel, striped, and partial data transfer.

Any program that uses the GridFTP Control Library must include the globus_ftp_control.h header.

The API documentation is organized into several sections

  • GridFTP Server Control
  • GridFTP Control Client
  • GridFTP Data Connections
  • GridFTP Constants

The Globus FTP Control library uses the standard module activation and deactivation API to initialize it's state. Before any GridFTP functions are called, the module must be activated


This function returns GLOBUS_SUCCESS if the GridFTP library was successfully initialized. This may be called multiple times.

To deactivate the GridFTP library, the following must be called




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