globus_gsi_proxy_ssl_api(3) Globus GSI Proxy SSL API




Detailed Description

The globus_gsi_proxy_ssl library provides the ability to create a PROXYCERTINFO extension for inclusion in an X.509 certificate. The current specification for the extension is described in RFC 3820.

The library conforms to the ASN.1 implementation in the OpenSSL library, and provides an interface to convert from a DER encoded PROXYCERTINFO to its internal structure and vice-versa.


The proxycertinfo.h file defines a method of maintaining information about proxy certificates. For more information, see the documentation in ProxyCertInfo


The proxypolicy set of data structures and functions provides an interface to generating a PROXYPOLICY structure which is maintained as a field in the PROXYCERTINFO structure, and ultimately gets written to a DER encoded string.

Further Information about proxy policies is available in the X.509 Proxy Certificate Profile document. For more information, see the documentation in ProxyPolicy


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