globus_module(3) Module Activation Management

Data Structures

struct globus_module_descriptor_s
Module Descriptor.


int globus_module_activate (globus_module_descriptor_t *module_descriptor)
Activate a module.
int globus_module_activate_array (globus_module_descriptor_t *module_array[], globus_module_descriptor_t **failed_module)
Activate a group of modules.
int globus_module_deactivate (globus_module_descriptor_t *module_descriptor)
Deactivate a module.

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

int globus_module_activate (globus_module_descriptor_t * module_descriptor)

Activate a module. Add a reference to the module named by module_descriptor to the list of activated modules. If this is the first reference to this module, its activation function will be called.


module_descriptor Module to activate

int globus_module_activate_array (globus_module_descriptor_t * module_array[], globus_module_descriptor_t ** failed_module)

Activate a group of modules. Activate an NULL-terminated array of modules. If any fail to activate, all are deactivated and the error from the failed activation is returned. If nonzero is returned, and failed_module is non-NULL, it will be set to point to the 1st module which failed to activate.


module_array NULL-terminated array of module descriptors to activate.
failed_module Pointer to set to the first module whose activation function failed.


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