glyrc(1) search engine for music-related metadata


glyrc GETTER [options]

where GETTER must be one of:

  • cover
  • lyrics
  • artistphoto
  • artistbio
  • similarartists
  • similarsongs
  • albumreview
  • albumlist
  • tags
  • relations
  • tracklist
  • guitartabs
  • backdrops


-f --from String

Providers from where to get metadata. Refer to glyrc ---list for a full list

-w --write Path

Write metadata to the dir d, or filename d, special values stdout, stderr and null are supported.

Certain escapes are escaped inside the filename in the form :X:, where X may be one of:

  • type : The getter used in this query (e.g. cover)
  • artist : Artist - as passed by -a
  • album : Album - as passed by -b
  • title : Title - as passed by -t
  • size : Size in bytes
  • format : The image format or `txt' for textitems
  • source : The source URL of this item
  • prov : The Provider of this item
  • cksum : a md5sum of the data
  • rating : (Usually 0)
  • duration : (Only for tracks) Duration in seconds
  • number : An index incremented with each item (starting with 1)

The default format is
 ':artist::album::title::type::number:.:format:' Strings containing `/' are replaced with `|' automatically, so ---write ':artist:' for AC/DC will result in AC|DC

-n --number Integer

Download max. n items. Amount of actual downloaded items may be less.

-l --lang String

Language settings. Used by a few getters to deliever localized data. Given in ISO 639-1 codes like `de'

-o --only-lang

Only use providers that offer language specific data, this only applies for text items.

-z --fuzzyness Integer

Set threshold for level of Levenshtein algorithm.

-q --qsratio Float

How to weight quality/speed; 1.0 = full quality, 0.0 = full speed.

-x --plugmax Integer

Maximum number od download a plugin may deliever. Use to make results more vary.

-v --verbosity Integer

Set verbosity from 0 to 4. See online README for details.


-p --parallel Integer

Define the number of downloads that may be performed in parallel.

-u --useragent String

The useragent to use during HTTP requests

-r --redirects Integer

Define the number of redirects that are allowed.

-m --timeout Integer

Define the maximum number in seconds after which a download is cancelled.

-k --proxy String

Set the proxy to use in the form of [protocol://][user:pass@]yourproxy.domain[:port]


-d --download

Download Images.

-D --skip-download

Don't download images, but return the URLs to them (act like a search engine)

-a --artist String

Artist name to search for

-b --album String

Album name to search for

-t --title String

Songname to search for

-e --maxsize Integer

(images only) The maximum size a cover may have.

-i --minsize Integer

(images only) The minimum size a cover may have.

-F --formats String

A semicolon separated list of imageformats that are allowed. e.g.: "png;jpeg"

-8 --force-utf8

Forces utf8 encoding for text items, invalid encodings get sorted out


-L --list

List all fetchers and source providers for each and exit.

-h --help

This text you unlucky wanderer are viewing.

-V --version

Print the version string.

-U --update

Updates libglyr if new version is available.

-g --as-one

(Textitems only) Output all results as one (useful for tracklist and albumlist).

-G --no-as-one

Disables --as-one (Default)

-y --color

Enables colored output for glyrc (Default)

-Y --no-color

Prints no colored output

-s --musictree-path p

p is a path to your music directory. Glyr might fetch things like folger.jpg from there

-j --callback Command

Set a bash command to be executed when a item is finished downloading; The special string <path> is expanded with the actual path to the data.


-c --cache folder

Creates or opens an existing cache at folder/metadata.db and lookups data from there.

cache select [Query]

Selects data from the cache; you can use any other option behind this.

cache delete [Query]

Instead of searching for this element, the element is deleted from the database. Needs ---cache.

cache list

List all items in the database (including the artist / album / title / type). Needs ---cache.


glyrc cover --artist SomeBand --album SomeAlbum


# Write found items to cache; create it if not existent
glyrc lyrics -a A -b B --cache /tmp
# List all in the cache
glyrc cache list --cache /tmp
# Delete artist/album
glyrc cache delete cover -a Equilibrium -b Sagas --cache /tmp
# Search for two items in cache and print them
glyrc cache select lyrics -a Knorkator -t 'A' -n 2 --cache /tmp

With each item received you get a link to the original source, please refer to the individual terms of use, copying and distributing of this data might be not allowed.

A more detailed version of this help can be found online:


Christopher Pahl <[email protected]>, Etienne Millon.