gmemusage(1) graphically display memory used by running processes.


gmemusage [ options ]


Gmemusage is modelled after the program of the same name on Silicon Graphics' workstations. Gmemusage graphically displays the contents of memory on a running system, broken up by individual processes. The display is a stacked bar graph with the height of an area representing the RSS size of the corresponding process. In addition, the process name, number of processes with that name and the size (in kilobytes) are shown.

Processes which take up less memory than a (user-specifiable) threshhold are merged into a single area on the graph. Multiple processes with the same name are merged into a single area.

While running, gmemusage accepts the following keys:

Q or q
Exit the program.
Up Arrow
Increase the minimum threshhold by 10 kb.
Down Arrow
Decrease the minimum threshhold by 10 kb.
Other keys are (not-so-silently!) ignored.


Gmemusage accepts the following command-line options (defaults in brackets):
-name resourcename
Class name to use for resources (Gmemusage)
-display display
X server to contact ($DISPLAY environment variable)
-geometry geometry
Initial window geometry (320x400)
-font font
Use font font for drawing text (fixed)
-background color
Color to use for window background (grey4)
-update seconds
Update interval (5 seconds)
-threshhold kb
Threshhold below which small processes are merged (400 kb)
-ncolors #colors
How many different colors to use (3)
-color1 color
Name of first color (red/maroon)
-color2 color
Name of second color (green/OliveDrab)
-color3 color
Name of third color (blue/SlateBlue)
-color[4-9] color
Names of remaining colors (undefined)
Print a short help message.


Gmemusage understands the following X resources. See the OPTIONS section for details of what they do.

name (class Name)
display (class Display)
geometry (class Geometry)
font (class Font)
background (class Background)
update (class Interval)
threshhold (class Threshhold)
ncolors (class NColors)
color1 (class Color)
color2 (class Color)
color3 (class Color)
color[4-9] (class Color)


See the TODO file which comes with the distribution.


Gmemusage version 0.2, 1998/01/14


Raju Mathur ([email protected]) aka OldMonk.


The canonical site for gmemusage is:


Gmemusage is copyright (C) 1997, 1998 by Raju Mathur. See the file COPYING in the source directory for copyright information.