gmfsk(1) MFSK terminal for GNOME




gmfsk is a terminal for MFSK16, RTTY and Throb, three digital modulation formats used on HF radio particularly by radio amateurs. MFSK is an acronym for multi-tone frequency shift keying.

gmfsk demodulates signals received through the sound card and displays the resulting text on the screen. In transmit mode, typed text is modulated and transmitted through the sound card.

Circuits for connecting the sound card to a receiver or transceiver are readily available on the web.


Standard GNOME options may be used.

GMFSK must be configured through the "Settings" menu when first used.


MFSK activity is commonly found around 14.080 MHz on the amateur 20m band.

Although GMFSK is free software, transmission of any signal and of MFSK, RTTY and/or Throb signals in particular is subject to the laws of the government of your country. Receiving on non-amateur frequencies may also be prohibited.


gmfsk was written by Tomi Manninen, OH2BNS <[email protected]>. This manual page was written by Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <[email protected]> for Debian (but may be used by others).