gmk_hy(1) create source graphs

Other Alias

gmk_m2, gmk_m3, gmk_ub2


gmk_hy [options] dim [ofile]
gmk_m2 [options] [-gcfile] dimX dimY [ofile]
gmk_m3 [options] [-gcfile] dimX dimY dimZ [ofile]
gmk_ub2 [options] dim


The gmk_* programs create source graph files for some common, regular topologies.

gmk_hy creates a hypercube of dimension dim.

gmk_m2 creates a 2D regular grid of dimensions dimX and dimY.

gmk_m3 creates a 3D regular grid of dimensions dimX, dimY and dimZ.

gmk_ub2 creates an unoriented de Bruijn graph of dimension dim.


-b base
For gmk_m2 and gmk_m3 only. Output graphs with base value set to base. Default value is 0.
For gmk_m2 only. Build a 8-neighbor grid rather than a 4-neighbor grid.
For gmk_m2 and gmk_m3 only. Output graph vertex coordinates (that is, geometry data to be used by gout(1)) in file cfile.
Display some help.
For gmk_m2 and gmk_m3 only. Create torus graphs, that is, graphs such that there exist loop edges between vertices of rank 0 and (dim-1) in every dimension.
Display program version and copyright.


Create a 5x7 grid along with its geometry:

    $ gmk_m2 5 7 -g/tmp/ /tmp/m5x7.grf


Francois Pellegrini <[email protected]>