gnome-screensaver-command(1) controls GNOME screensaver


gnome-screensaver-command [OPTION...]


gnome-screensaver-command is a tool for controlling an already running instance of gnome-screensaver.


Causes the screensaver to exit gracefully
-q, --query
Query the state of the screensaver
-t, --time
Query the length of time the screensaver has been active
-l, --lock
Tells the running screensaver process to lock the screen immediately
-a, --activate
Turn the screensaver on (blank the screen)
-d, --deactivate
If the screensaver is active then deactivate it (un-blank the screen)
-V, --version
Version of this application


gnome-screensaver-command is written by William Jon McCann <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Sven Arvidsson <[email protected]>.