gnuhtml2latex(1) html to latex converter


gnuhtml2latex [options] filename


-a [author]
speecify document author
Process more than one input HTML file (they all get concatenated and written to a single output file, or to STDOUT if -s is set)
Use table of contents
-f [string]
Specify foonote
-h [string]
Specify header
-i filename
Get the list of files to be converted from the specified filename
Allow the use of some tags that require entering and exiting math mode.

Currently, the superscript and subscript tags are achieved by using the math mode. Now, using the math mode can break some formatting. Math mode will only be entered in the output document if you specify this switch.

Use numbered sections
use hyperref package to process anchors
Include images. If wget is installed, it will be used in order to download the images; otherwise, their position will just be marked in the resulting TeX document.
-o [string]
Specify document style
Break page after title / table of contents
Partial / plain: Omit preamble and postamble. Note that -P makes -H and -o meaningless (as they act in the preamble)
Skip (ignore) the specified comma-separated tags, along with all of their content.
Write to STDOUT instead of to inputfilename.tex
-t [title]
Specify title of document


This aims to be replacement of html2latex.

Program takes html file foo.html or foo.htm file and makes latex file foo.tex from it


For people who want only functionality of original html2latex

 bugfixes - Im sure there is plenty of bugs inside
 clueful backslash escaping
 more entities from outside of iso-8895-1
 performance boost
 and a lot more


For people who want a real tool

 make it part of some html processor


This is very possible that functions of this package will be included to some more general project. This package was made mainly to make world a bit more free.