gnunet-datastore(1) merge or convert GNUnet datastore databases


gnunet-datastore [OPTIONS]


gnunet-datastore can be used to convert or merge GNUnet datastores. This is useful if a datastore is to be migrated between SQL databases, i.e. from sqlite to postgres or vice versa. gnunet-datastore basically takes two configuration files (which must specify different databases) and reads in all of the data from the datasource (-s option) and copies it to the destination (-c option). Note that replication level information is lost in the process at this time.

configuration file to use for the destination database
-h, --help
print help page
-i, --list-indexed
print information about files that are currently indexed by file-sharing
Change the loglevel. Possible values for LOGLEVEL are ERROR, WARNING, INFO and DEBUG.
-s FILENAME, --sourcecfg=FILENAME
configuration file to use for the source database
-v, --version
print the version number
-V, --verbose
be verbose



Report bugs by using mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <[email protected]>