gnunet-gns(1) Access to GNUnet Name Service


gnunet-gns [options]


gnunet-gns can be used to lookup and process GNUnet Name Service names.


Use the configuration file FILENAME.
-r, --raw
No unneeded output. This is a quiet mode where only important information is displayed. For example a lookup for an IP address will only yield the IP address, no descriptive text.
-h, --help
Print short help on options.
Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
-u NAME, --lookup=NAME
Name to lookup. Resolve the specified name using the GNUnet Name System.
-p PKEY, --public-key=PKEY
Public key of the zone to perform the lookup in. This option should be used if the lookup is to be performed against a zone not controlled by this peer (alternatively, you could pass a ".zkey" for the name).
-T DELAY, --timeout=DELAY
Set the timeout to DELAY. By default, gnunet-gns will continue to try to resolve the name until there is a definitive answer or until the user aborts with CTRL-C.
-t TYPE, --type=TYPE
Resource Record Type (TYPE) to look for. Supported TYPE's are: A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, PKEY, PSEU, TLSA, SRV, SOA, MX, LEHO, VPN, REV, PTR, TXT

Defaults to "A".

-z NAME, --zone=NAME
Name of the ego of the zone to lookup the record in. The public key associated with the ego will be used for the zone.
-v, --version
Print GNUnet version number.


Report bugs by using Mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <[email protected]>