gnunet-identity-gtk(1) a gtk interface for managing egos


gnunet-identity-gtk [OPTIONS]


gnunet-identity-gtk is a gtk+ based GUI for managing your egos. Egos are used in GNUnet for zones in the GNU name system and for namespaces in file-sharing. There might be other uses for egos in the future. An ego is essentially a private key which represents a pseudonym (or alter ego) of a user. A user can performs actions under an ego that can be related back to the respective pseudonym (public key of the ego).

-h, --help
print help page
load config file (default: ~/.config/gnunet.conf)
-t, --tray
start with main window minimized (only put icon in tray)
-v, --version
print the version number


User's GNUnet configuration file


Report bugs by using mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <[email protected]>