gnunet-update(1) a tool to update GNUnet


gnunet-update [OPTIONS]


gnunet-update updates gnunets databases after software updates that change the database format.

load config file (default: /etc/gnunet.conf)
print the value from the configuration in section SECTION under entry ENTRY. Use :ENTRY to access the global section.
-h, --help
print help page
Change the loglevel. Possible values for LOGLEVEL are NOTHING, FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, STATUS and DEBUG. Note that options in the configuration file take precedence over this option (the argument will be ignored in that case).
-U, --client
run in client mode (required to get values from the client configuration). This option must be used only together with the -g option.
-u USER, --user=USER
run as user USER (and if available as group USER). Note that to use this option, you will probably have to start gnunet-update as root. It is typically better to directly start gnunet-update as that user instead.
-v, --version
print the version number
-V --verbose
Be verbose.


gnunet-update was introduced in version 0.6.3. Updates from much earlier versions may not be handled properly by the tool. Always consult the UPDATING file in the GNUnet distribution for the necessary update procedure.


GNUnet configuration file


Report bugs by using mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <[email protected]>