gnupod_search(1) search and remove files


gnupod_search [OPTION]...


Search and Remove files
display this help and exit
output version information and exit
-m, --mount=DIRECTORY
iPod mountpoint. Default is $IPOD_MOUNTPOINT
-t, --title=STRING
search songs by Title
-a, --artist=STRING
search songs by Artist
-l, --album=STRING
search songs by Album
-i, --id=INT
search songs by ID
-g, --genre=STRING
search songs by Genre
-c, --playcount=COUNT
search songs by Playcount
-s, --rating=STARS
search songs by Rating (1 star = 20, 2 stars = 40 ...)
-R, --podcastrss=RSS
search songs by podcast-rss
-U, --podcastguid=GUID
search songs by podcast-guid
-b, --bitrate=BITRATE
search songs by Bitrate
-o, --match-once
Search does not need to match multiple times (like ($a || $b || $c))
Remove (!) matched songs from the iPod
Modify output, default is 'ialt'

t = title a = artist r = rating p = path

l = album g = genre c = playcount i = id

Rename KEY into VALUE for matched songs.

Example: Rename the Artist 'Jon Doe' into 'John Doe'

gnupod_search --artist="Jon Doe" --rename="artist=John Doe"


Written by Adrian Ulrich


Report bugs to <[email protected]>


Copyright © Adrian Ulrich
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.