gnutls_global_init(3) API function


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

int gnutls_global_init( void);




This function performs any required precalculations, detects the supported CPU capabilities and initializes the underlying cryptographic backend. In order to free any resources taken by this call you should gnutls_global_deinit() when gnutls usage is no longer needed.

This function increments a global counter, so that gnutls_global_deinit() only releases resources when it has been called as many times as gnutls_global_init(). This is useful when GnuTLS is used by more than one library in an application. This function can be called many times, but will only do something the first time.

Since GnuTLS 3.3.0 this function is automatically called on library constructor. Since the same version this function is also thread safe. The automatic initialization can be avoided if the environment variable GNUTLS_NO_EXPLICIT_INIT is set to be 1.

A subsequent call of this function if the initial has failed will return the same error code.


On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS (0) is returned, otherwise a negative error code is returned.


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