gnutls_ia_enable(3) Indicate willingness for TLS/IA application phases


#include <gnutls/extra.h>

void gnutls_ia_enable(gnutls_session_t session, int allow_skip_on_resume);


gnutls_session_t session
is a gnutls_session_t structure.
int allow_skip_on_resume
non-zero if local party allows to skip the TLS/IA application phases for a resumed session.


Specify whether we must advertise support for the TLS/IA extension during the handshake.

At the client side, we always advertise TLS/IA if gnutls_ia_enable was called before the handshake; at the server side, we also require that the client has advertised that it wants to run TLS/IA before including the advertisement, as required by the protocol.

Similarly, at the client side we always advertise that we allow TLS/IA to be skipped for resumed sessions if allow_skip_on_resume is non-zero; at the server side, we also require that the session is indeed resumable and that the client has also advertised that it allows TLS/IA to be skipped for resumed sessions.

After the TLS handshake, call gnutls_ia_handshake_p() to find out whether both parties agreed to do a TLS/IA handshake, before calling gnutls_ia_handshake() or one of the lower level gnutls_ia_* functions.


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