gnutls_record_recv_seq(3) API function


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

ssize_t gnutls_record_recv_seq(gnutls_session_t session, void * data, size_t data_size, unsigned char * seq);


gnutls_session_t session
is a gnutls_session_t type.
void * data
the buffer that the data will be read into
size_t data_size
the number of requested bytes
unsigned char * seq
is the packet's 64-bit sequence number. Should have space for 8 bytes.


This function is the same as gnutls_record_recv(), except that it returns in addition to data, the sequence number of the data. This is useful in DTLS where record packets might be received out-of-order. The returned 8-byte sequence number is an integer in big-endian format and should be treated as a unique message identification.


The number of bytes received and zero on EOF. A negative error code is returned in case of an error. The number of bytes received might be less than data_size .




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