go-export-graph.pl(1) exports a graph


go-export-graph.pl -w png ontology/gene_ontology.obo | display -
go-export-graph.pl ontology/gene_ontology.obo 'acc' GO:0007610
go-export-graph.pl ontology/so.obo 'name' 'protein'


exports a graph as an indented ascii tree, PNG or OBO file


after the file name you can optionally specify query constraint pairs; eg

 acc GO:0007610
 name 'cysteine biosynthesis'



one of text, obo or png


If this switch is specified, then caching mode is turned on.

With caching mode, the first time you parse a file, then an additional file will be exported in a special format that is fast to parse. This file will have the same filename as the original file, except it will have the ``.cache'' suffix.

The next time you parse the file, this program will automatically check for the existence of the ``.cache'' file. If it exists, and is more recent than the file you specified, this is parsed instead. If it does not exist, it is rebuilt.