gomconfig(8) configuration tool for gom, a generic audio mixer


gomconfig [--version | --force | --purge]


This manual page was distributed with gom 0.30.2 (31 May 2004).


gomconfig is an interactive, text based configuration tool for gom. It deals with files in ~/.gom/ for a normal user, and with files in /etc/gom/ for the superuser.

If gomconfig is run without arguments, it will check the validity of the current configuration and only go interactive if it is invalid.

Please see gom(1) for details about gom's configuration.


Display version information.
Forces reconfiguration (even if current configuration is valid).
Removes configuration directory (~/.gom or /etc/gom, respectively) completely. This will run non-interactively, but will create a temporary backup.


Gomconfig is part of the gom package.

Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Stephan Alexander Sürken <[email protected]> GPL.

See gom(1) for details.


Gomconfig is probably overkill; you might prefer to simply use an editor (and gom itself) to change the configuration.