gpgkeys(1) A qt3 gui interface to GPG


gpgkeys <no_options>


This manual page documents briefly the gpgkeys command. This manual page was written for the Debian/Ubuntu distributions because the original program does not include them.

gpgkeys is a GUI frontend to GPG, written with Qt 3.

It makes it easy to administrate your keyring.

Being a GUI application, there are no command line options. However, inside the application you may:
 Commands menu option:
 - Import from a file.
 - Search a keyserver.

 File->Options menu option:
 - General:
   - Control the language and fonts utilized.
 - Keyserver:
   - Edit which keyserver and port is utilized.
 - Environment:
   - Specify gpg application and terminal application to use.

 Help menu option:
 - About:
   - View copyright, author, and license information.
 - About Qt:
   - View Qt version and homepage information.


gpgkeys was written by Peter Mathiasson <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Barry deFreese <[email protected]>.