gpiv_fi-keyline(1) Filters each line that starts with a keyword.


gpiv_fi-keyline [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-v | --version] [-if | --input_file string] [-of | --output_file string] keyword


gpiv_fi-keyline filters each line that starts with a keyword.

This program does not use the parameter resources from libgpiv. The parameters may be defined by the command line options as explained below.


-h | --help On-line help.
-p | --print
Prints parameters to stdout.
-v | --version
Print version information on standard output, then exits successfully.
[-if | --input_file string]
Input file.
[-of | --output_file string]
Output file.
Select which data to be stored on grid; dx, dy or snr (default: snr).


Gerber Van der Graaf