gpiv_flipx(1) Simple data manipulation tool for PIV data.


gpiv_flipx [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-v | --version] [filename] < stdin > stdout


gpiv_flipx flips the data in x-direction (vertical axis).

The parameters read from the configuration resources (containing the key POST) may be overruled by the command line options, as explained below.


-h | --help
On-line help.

-p | --print
Prints parameters, command line options and input and output filenames to stdout. The output may be used as parameters of gpiv_flipx for future use by re-directing stdout to gpiv_flipx.par.

-v | --version
Print version information on standard output, then exits successfully.

Input PIV data file. Overrides stdin and stdout. Output will be written to The parameters will be written or appended to filename.par.


Gerber Van der Graaf