gpiv_manipiv(1) gpiv_rot90,


gpiv_manipiv [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-v | --version] [-fi x0 y0 x1 y1] [-no_fi | --pass x0 y0 x1 y1] [-fy] [-r] [--rev] [-x] [-y] [filename] < stdin > stdout


gpiv_manipiv manipulates order and positions of PIV data, mirrors (flips) the data in horizontal (x) or vertical (y) direction, rotates over 90 and 180 degrees. As rotating over 180 degrees is identic to flipping over x as well as over y-direction, the program must be called twice or must be called once by rot180.

The parameters read from the configuration resources (containing the key POST) may be overruled by the command line options, as explained below. In case an alias name of gpiv_manipiv has been used, all non-relevant parameters are disabled.


-fi x0 y0 x1 y1
filters out data from a piv data stream from location (x0,y0) to (x1,y1). Filtering only implies setting the peak number to -1.

-no_fi | --pass x0 y0 x1 y1
filters out all data, except those from (x0,y0) to (x1,y1). This option is the opposite of -fi. Filtering only implies setting the peak number to -1.

Returns fast running y-positions of data that are originally written with fast running x-positions. All other variables (particle displacements, snr, peak#) are at the new positions, too. Identic to fasty.

-h | --help
On-line help.

-p | --print
Prints parameters, command line options and input and output filenames to stdout. The output is identic of filename.par, in case -f is used.

Rotates the data over 90 degrees. Identic to rot90.

Reverts array indexes of output data for getting reversed order. This results into high to low running positions or vice versa. Identic to revert.

-v | --version
Print version information on standard output, then exits successfully.

Flips the data in x-direction (vertical axis). Identic to flipx.

Flips the data in y-direction (horizontal axis). Identic to flipy.

Input PIV data file. Overrides stdin and stdout. Output will be written to The parameters will be written or appended to filename.par and may be used for future use by including them in ./gpivrc.


Gerber Van der Graaf