gpiv_process-chain(1) Processes a pipe of Gpiv-tool command's.


gpiv_process-chain [-af string] [-h | -help] [-n | -none] [-c | -clean] [-fik] [-p | -print] [-pf -string] [-proc_*] [-t format] [-v | -version] filename


Gpiv_process-chain processes a pipe of gpiv commands. Image evaluation/interrogation with gpiv_rr is always included, image recording may be prepended before interrogation, validation and post-processes may be appended to the chain. The filename represents the name of the image to be evaluated. The file naming conventions are idententic to the output of the individual Gpivtools programs: in case the output are (validated/scaled) PIV data, the data will be directed to filename.piv, with -proc_vorty the output will be called filename.vor, with -proc_nstrain the output will be called filename.nstr and, finally, with with -proc_sstrain the output will be called filename.sstr.

This program does not use the parameter resources from libgpiv.


-af string Append string to file-base name.

-h | --help
On-line help.

-n | --none
Suppresses real execution.

-c | -clean
Cleans up: removes raw image data and header.

Use fi-keyline for filtering gpiv parms from README.

-p | --print
Prints parameters, command line options and input and output filenames to stdout.

-pf string
Prepend string to file-base name.

Defines processes to be included in the chain. * is substituted by: imgrec, valid, scale, manipiv, flipx, flipy, revert, rot90, rot180 and vorty or nstrain or sstrain. Vorty, nstrain and sstrain may not be used in combination with -t gpi.

-t format
Image type or format: hdf (.hdf), dav (.IMG) or a type as defined by ImageMagic's convert. Default is raw binary image (.r).

-v | --version
Prints version information to standard output, then exits successfully.

Input image filename. Format may be: .r, .hdf (hdf), .IMG (davis), .png, .gif, .tif or.bmp.


invoking: 'gpiv_process-chain -proc_valid -proc_scale testfile.png' will actually perform: gpiv_rr < image.png | gpiv_errvec > testfile.piv

invoking: 'gpiv_process-chain -proc_imgrec -proc_valid -proc_scale testfile.png' will do: gpiv_recimg | gpiv_rr | gpiv_errvec | gpiv_scale > testfile.piv


Gerber Van der Graaf