gpiv_series(1) Script for (parallel) processing a series of numbered files.


gpiv_series [-a | --arg_n] [-b | --basename FILE] [-e | --ext ext] [-f | --first N] [-l | --last N] [-i | --incr N] [-x|| --prefix] [-h | --help] [-n | --none] [-p | --print] [--pad] "process -key1 ..."


gpiv_series processes a series of numbered files. If no parameters are defined at the command line, standard parameters will be used that are defined in the script. Principally, any program or script may be invoked by gpiv_series. "Process" is a string which represents the name of the program to be executed, including eventually command line options and arguments. The file to be processed, as constructed from -b c.s., will be appended to the "process" string. If the program has to be feeded with -f "filename", write -f at the end of the string.

When using the parallelised version, mpipython is invoked and the script may be launched with mpirun. The script needs that all input files are accessible on each node by copying all data or by (NFS) mounting the File System containing the input data on each node.

This program does not use the parameter resources from libgpiv.


-a | --arg_n
If the process needs the current number in its argument list instead of prepending/appending it to the FILE, the number will be put before (-f) filename in the "process" string.

-b | --basename FILE
The FILE has to be given without its extension. FILE represents the file name without its number. It is supposed that the leading or ending number in the filename is the counter that will be applied by gpiv_series when processing.

-e | --ext EXT
add an extension EXT after the filename (without the leading ".") in "process".

-f | --first N
Defines the counter N of the number at which the analyses starts. Default: 0.

-l | --last N
The last number N that will be processed. Default: 0.

-i | --incr N
Increment number with N. Default: 1. This might be useful, for example, if subsequent numbered images are combined for cross-correlation with the gpiv_img2gpiv tool.

-x | --prefix
Use prefix numbering to file basename.

-h | --help
On-line help.

-n | --none
Suppresses real execution, only prints the process to stdout.

-p | --print
Prints the process to be performed on each file to stdout.

--pad N
Padding a number with N zero's when combining with the filename.



Gerber Van der Graaf


The parallelised script has only been tested with the LAM version of mpipython.