graph2tree(1) insert the data of a scan graph file


graph2tree [ options ]



These options are available:

-i <InputFile.graph> (required)
-o <> (required)
-res <resolution> (optional, default: 0.1 m)
-m <maxrange> (optional)
-n <max scan no.> (optional)
-log (enable a detailed log file with statistics)
-compressML (enable maximum-likelihood compression (lossy) after
every scan)
-simple (simple scan insertion ray by ray instead of optimized)
-clamping <p_min> <p_max> (override default sensor model clamping
probabilities between 0..1)
-sensor <p_miss> <p_hit> (override default sensor model hit and miss
probabilities between 0..1)

This tool is part of OctoMap and inserts the data of a scan graph file (point clouds with poses) into an octree. The output is a compact maximum-likelihood binary octree file (.bt, bonsai tree) and general octree files (.ot) with the full information.