grdpaste(1) Paste together two .grd files along a common edge.


grdpaste file_a.grd file_b.grd -Goutfile.grd [ -V ]


grdpaste will combine file_a.grd and file_b.grd into outfile.grd by pasting them together along their common edge. Files file_a.grd and file_b.grd must have the same dx, dy and have one edge in common. If in doubt, check with grdinfo and use grdcut and/or grdsample if necessary to prepare the edge joint.
One of two files to be pasted together.
The other of two files to be pasted together.
The name for the combined output.


Selects verbose mode, which will send progress reports to stderr [Default runs "silently"].


Suppose file_a.grd is 150E - 180E and 0 - 30N, and file_b.grd is 150E - 180E, -30S - 0, then you can make outfile.grd which will be 150 - 180 and -30S - 30N by:

grdpaste file_a.grd file_b.grd -Goutfile.grd -V