gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf_set(3) API function


#include <gsasl.h>

void gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf_set(Gsasl * ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf cb);


Gsasl * ctx
libgsasl handle.
Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf cb
callback function


Specify the callback function to use in the client to inform the server of the largest buffer the client is able to receive when using the DIGEST-MD5 "auth-int" or "auth-conf" Quality of Protection (qop). If this directive is missing, the default value 65536 will be assumed. The function can be later retrieved using gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf_get().


This function is part of the old callback interface. The new interface uses gsasl_callback_set() to set the application callback, and uses gsasl_callback() or gsasl_property_get() to invoke the callback for certain properties.


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Copyright © 2002-2012 Simon Josefsson.
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