gsasl_client_callback_service_set(3) API function


#include <gsasl.h>

void gsasl_client_callback_service_set(Gsasl * ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_service cb);


Gsasl * ctx
libgsasl handle.
Gsasl_client_callback_service cb
callback function


Specify the callback function to use in the client to set the name of the service. The service buffer should be a registered GSSAPI host-based service name, hostname the name of the server. Servicename is used by DIGEST-MD5 and should be the name of generic server in case of a replicated service. The function can be later retrieved using gsasl_client_callback_service_get().


This function is part of the old callback interface. The new interface uses gsasl_callback_set() to set the application callback, and uses gsasl_callback() or gsasl_property_get() to invoke the callback for certain properties.


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