gsm_implode(3) GSMĀ 06.10 supplementary

Other Alias



#include "gsm.h"

void gsm_explode(g, frame, xframe)
gsm g;
gsm_frame frame;
gsm_signal xframe[ 76 ];

void gsm_implode(g, xframe, frame)
gsm g;
gsm_signal xframe[ 76 ];
gsm_frame frame;


Gsm is an implementation of the final draft GSM 06.10 standard for full-rate speech transcoding. Test data for implementations of this particular document can be bought and used to verify an implementation.

The encoded test data uses a format different from what one would use to transmit frames with the least number of bits. Gsm_explode() and gsm_implode() convert between the internal, small, 33-byte format and the 76-word format used by the test data.


gsm_explode() returns -1 if the passed frame is invalid, else 0.


Please direct bug reports to [email protected] and [email protected].